Petrichor is the smell of fresh rainfall on dry soil. This logo was designed for Petrichor Therapy, specializing in massage.

Designed for Mind Set Go Massage Therapy. Left side of the brain shows a tree and limbs representing the nervous system and the therapist's connection to sustinability, while the right side shows a variant of the parasympathetic system

A spec logo comissioned for a Massage Therapist with a business focused on traveling to clients.

This is my logo for Elle Grey Art and is a companion logo with Grey Vintage. The shape represents the three first letters: e, G, and A.

Designed for Grey VIntage and is a family logo with Elle Grey Art. The shape represents the two first letters G and V, as well as it's companion logo.

This New Roots Counseling logo is for a Marriage and Family counselor in the Seattle area. Both first letters are represented as a geometric feature and roots were added to bring the fullness of their idea to life.